Look inside the Locking Mechanism

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Locking issues have always been an interesting issue. This is one of the most important features that maintain the integrity of our database. Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands, as well as table constraints, use locks for data integrity and consistency.

Attend this session to understand the different levels of locks, see how different operations use locks, and see several demos that explain how the mechanism works.

The Presenter: Liron Amitzi liron amitzi Read more

Liron Amitzi is Oracle ACE ace-icon and VP Professional Services at DBAces. Liron is an Oracle senior DBA with over 16 years of expertise as a DBA consultant and trainer and mainly specializes in high availability solutions, performance, backup and recovery, design and other infrastructure and application database areas.

He is also a frequent speaker at various conferences around the world including at the Oracle Open World annual convention in San Francisco.